February 15, 2012

There is a line by Walter Benjamin … revolutions are “pulling the emergency chord,” stopping the onrush of the train. I don’t think Marx thought about it like that at all. It seems to me that Marx thought that productivity would increase by getting rid of capitalism. On the level of organization, technology and production, Marx did not want a return to handicraft labour, but to go on into all kinds of complex forms of automation and computerization [as it would emerge] and so…

The historical accident of something like socialism or communism taking place in what was essentially a third world country, Russia, an underdeveloped country, that’s made us think of socialism in a way that was not Marx’s way of imagining it. The socialist movement has to itself be inspired by this other type of vision.


Capitalism, the infernal machine: An interview with Fredric Jameson on Rabble.ca by Aaron Leonard (via vindicatrix)

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